Where is the fun in Taoyuan, where is the delicious food in Taoyuan?

Taiwan Travel
Transportation Because Taoyuan is in the northern part of Taiwan, people often take a plane to Taiwan and their first stop is at Taoyuan Airport, so they often start from Taoyuan. If you want to slowly enjoy the scenery of western or eastern Taiwan, you can also take any type of public transportation from Taoyuan, such as the time-saving high-speed rail, the budget-friendly bus, convenient rental cars, or a comfortable charter bus. Or rent a taxi to have someone to explain everything to you in detail and take you everywhere for fun and delicious food.
cherry blossoms


The easiest and cheapest way to get from Taoyuan is to take the high-speed train. The high-speed rail is the fastest and can help you save valuable travel time. We find discounted fares that are cheaper and more convenient. If you don’t want to queue up to buy tickets, we also recommend that you book your high-speed rail tickets online first.

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Car Rentals

If you want to play in Taoyuan slowly with friends, driving is the best way. Driving in Taoyuan with friends is not only comfortable but also fast and convenient.

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Chartered car, bus, transfer to the airport

If you don’t want to wait, you can directly book someone to serve you, or charter a car. Providing you with an airport pickup, you save unnecessary trouble and avoid wasting your precious time. They’ll deliver you to your designated destination, which is super convenient.

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If you are not in a hurry and want to take public transportation, you can book a bus ticket to avoid the long queues and the hard work of carrying a lot of luggage. It is recommended that you book early as seats are limited.

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Want to take photos, check in locations, and post pictures on the Internet anytime, anywhere? Then you need to get a card for your smartphone, and you can pick it up and use it at the airport in Taoyuan!

Mobile Internet calling card

sim card
Choose the plan that suits you, it is recommended to buy a wireless unlimited data (called all-you-can-eat in Chinese) card to make your travel more colorful! Buy a calling card now and don’t have a moment of disconnection from the world.

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Tired of waiting for your flight? Relax in the airport lounge and enjoy some delicious Taiwanese dishes before boarding.

Taoyuan International Airport – Plaza Premium Lounge Experience

vip room
Pamper yourself at the Premium Plaza Lounge while waiting at Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport. It is very convenient and fast. It is better for people who want to rest temporarily. I recommend it to everyone. There are good services here, providing all-day dining, a stylish and comfortable environment, free wireless Internet access, and international TV channels for some pre-flight entertainment. Open more than 16 hours a day. VIPs order in advance to relax and enjoy a meal early.

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When traveling, you must also enjoy food. We have found some popular, high-quality and reasonably-priced restaurants for you to save your precious time.

Elephant Thai Restaurant

This restaurant is even visited by Thai friends, which shows that it is very authentic and delicious. Seeing the group film should make people want to come and eat it. There are not many all-you-can-eat Thai restaurants in Taiwan, and even less delicious Thai food, so friends who like Thai food must not miss this popular Thai restaurant!

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Thumbs Shabu

mea hot pot
It is a Thai restaurant frequented by Thai and Taiwanese locals  in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and one of the favorite all-you-can-eat restaurants for college students in Taoyuan. If the restaurants that college students like to eat are worth visiting, they are all-you-can-eat, cheap, and delicious, making you happy and satisfied. In addition to meat and seafood dishes, this store also provides vegetarian pots very intimately, taking care of everyone’s needs.
hot pot

Remember to make a reservation in advance, so that you will have a seat! To order a thumb Shabu, click here.

You see a lot of beautiful scenery in Taoyuan, can’t wait to come to Taoyuan? Don’t forget to book a hotel in Taoyuan first! !

Taoyuan Hotel

If there is a holiday in Taiwan, the hotel will not only be more expensive but may also be unavailable! Some people in Taiwan like to book a hotel earlier, or travel on weekdays, so the hotels are often full!

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