Where is fun in Taiwan? What is fun and chill in Kenting?What kind of delicious food is in Pingtung?

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“Pingtung” is the southernmost part of Taiwan. Have you heard of Kenting? Yes! Kenting is one part of Pingtung, and many people go there when they come to Taiwan!
Transportation There is no direct high-speed train from Taipei to Pingtung. The most recommended way to get there is to take the high-speed train to Kaohsiung, and then take the bus to Pingtung.


It only takes about one and a half hours to take the high-speed train from Taipei to Kaohsiung. It is the fastest way, and it is an extremely comfortable and convenient way to save your precious time. Travel time from Taipei to Kaohsiung is only 90 minutes.

You can explore Taiwan‘s popular attractions by Taiwan High-Speed Rail and enjoy the cost-effective transfer. Get your ticket easily online and delight in a comfortable ride.

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After arriving at the high-speed rail station in Kaohsiung, there is a convenient bus service that goes directly to Kenting!

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There is no MRT in Pingtung. If you want to go to the mountains or the seaside, we highly recommend that you rent a scooter or car, which is not only cheap and comfortable but also allows you to go everywhere and enjoy the beauty of Pingtung.

Pingtung Car rentals

We found a way to rent a car. After booking a car, you can drive to the beach directly after you arrive in Pingtung! It is very convenient and safe!

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Pingtung  Scooter Rental

Taiwanese prefer scooters over other types of transportation, so we helped you find a cheap and convenient way to rent scooters. You can easily pick one up on Kenting Main Street and ride a scooter to conveniently explore around Kenting at your own pace.

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Many people like to go directly to Kenting to swim, and there are many different beaches there. Don’t miss the various kinds of water activities in Kenting. They are fun.!

All kinds of Water Activities in Kenting 

After you arrive in Kenting, you must join in some water activities. In Kenting, you can go diving, snorkeling, ride a water bicycle, or take Kenting surfing lessons. There are many super fun water activities for you to choose from.
We got you a lot of fun water activities. You can rent equipment to enjoy them by yourselves, or learn with professional instructors. They are not expensive to hire.

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Apart from the beautiful beaches, Pingtung also has majestic mountains. If you like hiking, you must go to “A Lang Yi Trail Hiking” which follows a former aboriginal hunting route.

A Lang Yi Trail Hiking Day tour 

You will walk through a beautiful jungle with an abundant ecosystem and a rich culture to see rare wild animals like green turtles and coconut crabs, a rare species you only can see in Taiwan!
“A Lang Yi Trail” is a mountain climbing trail. Pingtung is in a tropical climate area, so here, you can see an incredibly special natural landscape.Moreover, because this trail is protected by the Taiwanese government, it is not easy to enter. You need to make an online reservation first, and then follow a professional guide to enter. You will feel great after you challenge this hiking route.

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In addition to climbing mountains and going to beaches, you can also go to the “Marine Biology and Aquarium Museum.”

Marine Biology and Aquarium Museum

The Marine Biological Museum in Pingtung is the largest marine biological museum in Taiwan and one of the best in the world. You can see all kinds of fish, penguins, corals, and more. People who like marine life will learn a wealth of marine knowledge. If you go on weekends or holidays, there will be a lot of people in line, so we recommend that you book tickets first to save your precious time.

We found discounted tickets for you. Book your tickets to the Marine Biology & Aquarium Museum: Click here.

Cannot wait to come to Pingtung? Do not forget to book a hotel first!

Pingtung Hotels

In Taiwan during the weekends or holidays, the hotel will not only be more expensive but may also be unavailable, because many Taiwanese like to book their hotels much earlier or go traveling on weekdays! We got you this link for all kinds of prices and hotels. Look and book a hotel soon!

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