How to get to Penghu, Taiwan? What should I do in Penghu?

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Penghu is located in the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and China. Both taking an airplane and a boat are very convenient ways to get to Penghu. Below we will show you how.


By plane

There are two airlines, Uni and Mandarin, that fly to Penghu from Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and other big cities in Taiwan. If you want to fly to Penghu you could either book Uni or Mandarin.

By ferry


You can also take a boat to Penghu. By sea, you can not only enjoy the view but also feel the sea breeze on your face. It only takes you 80 minutes to get to Penghu’s main island, so it is not long at all. The closest port to Penghu is located in Chiayi, which is in the central part of Taiwan. If you are traveling in Taiwan now, I suggest you take the 80-minute boat ride to Penghu.

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圖片來源: Klook
圖片來源: Klook

Penghu is surrounded by the sea, so you could play any kind of water sport! We have found some super fun water sports for you. You must try these water activities!



There are many places you could go snorkeling to see various fishes and beautiful coral reefs. Snorkeling can let you experience a different world. The instructor will guide you on how to do it. In addition to taking you to see special creatures under the water, he will let you learn a lot of new knowledge about sea life! It’s super exciting so we recommend it to you!

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Stand Up Paddle (SUP) experience


Do you enjoy watching the sunrise on the sea after getting up in the morning, or watching the sunset on the sea in the evening? If so, you must try stand-up paddling! Many visitors come for stand-up paddling to feel the sea breeze, chill and enjoy mother nature here.

You can also make plenty of friends and the best memories by visiting the sunset/sunrise watching & water activities.

8-in-1 water sports


Are snorkeling and stand-up paddling too boring for you? Then you must get a taste of more exciting and diverse watersports—8-in-1 aquatic activities. Besides jet ski rides and snorkeling, there are 6 different interesting watercraft for you to play all day long!

So if you like water activities, book 8-in-1 water sports now!

Fishing tube


After you arrive in Penghu if you like fishing you can try a nighttime “little tube” squid fishing tour. This is a very special activity in Penghu. This is an activity that can only be done at night and you are required to have a guide. After you catch them, you will enjoy cooking and having many small delicious tube dishes. Very fun!

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Penghu Island Camping


There are some uninhabited islands in Penghu where you and your friends can also camp and barbecue at night. While it’s light out, experience snorkeling and see these deserted islands’ underwater world. Later have a delicious campfire dinner under the stars on the beach. Then enjoy playing with sparklers and paddleboarding at night, while meeting some new friends. Finally, gaze at fireflies as you fall asleep to the gentle sound of the ocean!

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How about the food in Penghu? Seafood! We have found two special places where you can enjoy the delicious seafood when you come to Penghu!

Starlight BBQ party

sea food

Book an all-you-can-eat BBQ plan and enjoy freshly grilled local seafood under the gentle sea breeze by five-star chefs, paired with refreshing beer, with the live performance and singing of the orchestra, spend an unforgettable time with relatives and friends and leave good memories!

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Marine Leisure Farm


The Marine Leisure Farm recommended by TingTing on the TaiwanFeng podcast is good! They have prepared a series of activities so you eat and have fun at the same time! In addition, if you like to have some oysters, they have an all-you-can-eat fresh oyster and porridge buffet, in addition to a variety of different seafood!

Reserve Marine Leisure Farm for fishing and eating good seafood!

Penghu Guest Houses and Homestays


Penghu is cool! When you come to Taiwan, you must visit Penghu. There are many unique homestays here. You could also experience the life of locals in Penghu, and recommend them to everyone!

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There are not many buses but no MRT in Penghu. Therefore, we recommend you rent a scooter or a car for more convenience and comfort!

Penghu scooter / Gogoro Rental


In Penghu, renting a scooter is very cheap and convenient. After arriving at the airport in Penghu, you can go to the center (Magong City) to pick up the scooter which is inclusive of safety equipment and insurance. After getting it, you could ride the scooter to tour around.

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Car Rentals


If you come to Penghu with your lovely friends, we highly recommend you guys rent a car. Not only is it not too expensive to rent a car here, but also makes it easier to drive to distant places. There are many fascinating places here, and renting a car is much safer, keeps you away from the big sun, rainy days, or having to carry too much stuff. It makes your traveling higher quality!

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