Where is the fun in Miaoli? Where is the famous delicious food in Miaoli?

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Transportation Because Miaoli is south of Hsinchu, people in Taipei often take buses or the high-speed train to go there. If you want to slowly enjoy the many scenic spots in Miaoli, you can also drive to Miaoli to play.

Car Rentals

If you want to play Miaoli slowly with friends, driving a car is the best way. Driving to Miaoli with friends is not only comfortable but also fast and convenient.

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Taking the high-speed rail is the fastest way of transportation in Taiwan. The frequency of high-speed rail is stable, fast, inexpensive, and convenient. If you don’t want to queue up to get tickets, we also recommend that you book your high-speed rail tickets online first. We help you find 20% off the best price.

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There are many scenic spots in Miaoli that you can visit. You can go to the Chocolate Cloud Village, which is surrounded by mountains.

Schokolake Country House

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, go to the Miaoli and visit the Schokolake Country House in Dahu. You can also visit the Chocolate Development Story Hall to learn about the origin of chocolate and cocoa. Of course, you can also taste chocolate fragrant roast chicken, chocolate fried pork chops, and other specialties. Meals and other specialty chocolate meals are worth a try!
Not only did we find discounted tickets for you, but this ticket also comes with a 3D theater experience, where you can decorate and make your sweetheart chocolate.

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If you don’t have a lot of time to come to Miaoli, then you can still visit all the famous historical attractions, classic must-see places, and have someone to explain to you one on one.

Dajia & Sanyi Twin Cities Legend Tour

Walk along the old mountain line of the nostalgic railway, visit the Longteng Broken Bridge and Shengxing Station, explore the railway scenery of the past, learn about the wood Sculpture museum on the old woodcarving street, take a closer look at the delicacy and creativity of traditional crafts, and also know the three treasures of Dajia: Mazu, Hats, Shortbread, such a rich itinerary can be booked online, and the tour guide can be arranged to take you away and prepare your lunch in advance.

This itinerary has also been approved by the Taiwan government, and it is worth taking part in.

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You have seen a lot of beautiful scenery in Miaoli, can’t wait to come to Miaoli? Don’t forget to book a hotel in Miaoli first!!

Miaoli Inns

If there is a holiday in Taiwan, the hotels will not only be more expensive but also may not be available! Miaoli City is a tourist attraction, so hotels are often full. And some people in Taiwan like to book hotels much earlier, or travel on weekdays, so hotels are usually full!

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