Where is the fun in Taiwan? Go to the northernmost part of Taiwan, Keelung!What is fun and delicious in Keelung!

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Transportation Because Keelung is the northernmost part of Taiwan, you can go by train or bus, but if you want to slowly enjoy the scenery of northeastern Taiwan, we recommend you just drive to Keelung.

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If you want to play the northern part of Taiwan slowly with your friends, driving is the best way. Driving with friends to Keelung is not only comfortable but also fast and convenient.

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Where to have fun in Keelung? What to do in Keelung?

Keelung Night Fishing

night -fishing
If you like fishing and want to experience fishing after arriving in Keelung, you must try the Keelung Night Fishing. It’s very special. You can choose to go fishing with a professional Taiwanese fisherman at night or early in the morning. They will not only teach you how to fish but also prepare many delicious fish dishes immediately after catching fish so that you can eat delicious fish right away. It’s fun!

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Stand Up Paddle SUP Experience

Do you like to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taiwan on the sea, and do you want to meet many interesting Taiwanese friends? If so, when you go to Keelung, you must try stand-up paddling! Many people SUP to feel the wind breeze on the sea, relax and enjoy nature, and make some new cool Taiwanese friends so that your trip to Keelung will have the best memory!

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Keelung is fun. If you are busy with work and have no time to plan to go traveling, you can also rent a car and let a professional Taiwanese tour guide drive you around Keelung! Keelung has a lot of fun places. Can’t wait to come to Keelung? Hey, do not forget to book a hotel in Keelung first!

Keelung Inns

New Taipei City hotels
If there is a holiday in Taiwan, the hotel will not only be more expensive but may also be unavailable! Seriously, there are many Taiwanese who like to book hotels much earlier or travel on weekdays, so the hotels are usually booked up!

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