Where to go in Taiwan? What’s fun in Kaohsiung!

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Kaohsiung is the largest city in the south of Taiwan. Where to go in Taiwan? Of course, go to Kaohsiung!
Transportation From Taipei to Kaohsiung, the most convenient way is to take the high-speed railway. It only takes about 2 hours to go from Taipei to Kaohsiung.


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Notwithstanding there is an MRT in Kaohsiung, there are few MRT trains. And Kaohsiung is big, so if you want to go to the mountains or the seaside it may be a little bit too far for you to get there. We recommend that you rent a scooter or rent a car which is not only cheaper and more comfortable but allows you to go anywhere and enjoy the stunning Kaohsiung.

Scooter Rentals

Going scooter riding is popular and fun in Taiwan. We got you a rending scooter shop that is cheap and convenient to pick up so that you can save some time for your trip.

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Car rentals

After you pick up your rental car, you can drive directly to the seaside, the mountains, or your hotel to rest.

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Fo Guang Shan

The first hot spot is  Fo Guang Shan which is an amazing place you can join a Half Day Tour to get to know more about its history and it is a worthy way to do it.
Visit Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Memorial Center, home to relics of Gautama Buddha and a colossal Buddha statue -Explore the bustling stalls surrounding Fo Guang Shan, abundant in traditional souvenirs and religious trinkets -Purify your mind and soul while strolling in Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Memorial Center. It is also a Buddhist museum. You can not only see very large Buddha statues but also learn about the history and culture of Buddhism. In Taiwan, many people believe in Buddhism. A tour guide who can explain the history of Fo Guang Shan and the little stories of Buddhism, we can help you find a tour guide who can speak English!

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The best exercise for traveling is mountain climbing. To export the nature sceneries, you won’t miss this uncharted place, Chai Shai Mountain.

Chai Shai Mountain

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What’s inside of it? Join and buy the Shoushan Limestone Cave Guided Tour with a greats ticket, you will find out more! Climb Kaohsiung Monkey Mountain- Chai Shan you can see many wild monkeys, beautiful forests, and mysterious landscapes! There are many caves that have very special rocks-Limestone, enter the mysterious caves in Shoushan and see diverse terrains that will blow your mind. Get close to mother nature and leave your burden behind. If you are interested in exploring, we helped you find a guide who will take you deep into the Chaishan Cave.

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Do you enjoy amusement parks? You must go to E-Da Theme Park when you are in Kaohsiung.

Kaohsiung E-Da Theme Park

In Kaohsiung E-Da Theme Park, you can not only play a lot of amusement facilities but also watch some performances, watch parades, and experience various activities. When you go to Kaohsiung, you must go to ” E-Da Theme Park “. It is fun! What’s there? Explore the 55-meter upside-down roller coaster, a skateboard half-pipe ride, and the park monorail. There is a shopping mall for you to shop in.

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Do you enjoy playing some water sports? You can also play “water skiing” when you go to Kaohsiung! You can also take a boat to enjoy the beautiful night view at night!

Lotus Wake Park Cable Wakeboarding

If you like to play water sports, you must play the exciting water skiing extreme sports when you are in Kaohsiung! You can participate alone and meet new friends; you can also take part with your good friends and go crazy together!

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Love River Love Boat 

This is the most famous Love River in Kaohsiung. The best way to appreciate Kaohsiung is to take a love boat ride on the Love River! On the boat, you can not only sit comfortably and enjoy the beautiful river view but also professional staff will explain to you what to see. The scenery is amazing! It is good to take a boat cruise on the Love River during the day, but it is even better at night! When you take a boat cruise on the Love River at night, you can enjoy the beautiful night view of Kaohsiung, and drink a glass of wine, so chill!

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There are also many delicious high-end restaurants or specialty restaurants in Kaohsiung!

Kaohsiung not only has delicious Taiwanese cuisine, but also many authentic exotic dishes. If you like to eat delicious food, you must also eat and see various delicacies when you are in Kaohsiung! We have found a lot of Kaohsiung cuisines for you, come here Let’s look!

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Can’t wait to come to Kaohsiung?

Don’t forget to book your hotel first!

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If your vacation meets Taiwanese holidays in Taiwan, the hotel will not only be more expensive but may also be unavailable! There are so many people in Taiwan who like to book hotels much earlier, and travel on weekdays!

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