What is fun in Green Island, Taiwan?

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Green Island is a small volcanic island located about 33 kilometers (21 miles) off the coast of Taitung, Taiwan. It takes a while to get there from Taipei, so if you travel from there to Green Island, be sure to prepare 3-4 days to visit it!
Transportation Because Green Island is in the east of Taiwan, Taiwanese sometimes go there by plane. If you want to take it easy and slowly enjoy the scenery of eastern Taiwan, you can also drive to Taitung and then take a boat to Green Island from Fugang Fishing Port in Taitung.

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Drive to Taitung with some friends to share a good time and make more great memories. Slowly driving down to the east coast slowly one can see more scenery, sit more comfortably, feel more freedom, and have more convenience.

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Book a boat ticket to Green Island

After driving or taking the train to Taitung, if you want to go to Green Island, you must take a boat. It usually takes 50 minutes to take a boat from Taitung to Green Island. From the ferry, you can watch the Pacific Ocean and feel its sea breeze, which is super comfortable.

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Green Island has no MRT, and there are not many buses. If you want to go everywhere on Green Island, we highly recommend you rent a scooter, which is not only the cheapest and the most convenient way but also allows you to enjoy the beauty of Taitung.

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Most Taiwanese prefer scooters over other forms of transportation. We helped you search for the cheapest and the most convenient way to rent one, so you can easily happily ride a scooter around.

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Where is the fun on Green Island? What should I do on Green Island?


Have you ever experienced jumping out of a plane from a high altitude? Although you are a little nervous on the plane, after jumping out the plane, it’s not only extremely exciting, but you can also see the ocean, the jungle, and the beauty of ​​Green Island. Have you ever tried skydiving? If not, be sure to try it out! A professional instructor will take you to jump with you. If you want to try, then you must come here. Looking down at the beauty of Green Island from a high altitude is something you will never forget!

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Nanzaihu Trail Tour

If you want to know more about Green Island, you must join this exciting tour where you will be accompanied by a guide who will take you along the Nanzaihu Trail. Strolling along this ancient road is a great way to take in the lush, picturesque scenery of the island’s hills. You can marvel at a wide variety of trees and various kinds of plants. There are also many wild animals. The ecology on Green Island is unusual. Because of the tropical climate, you can see rare plants and animals. If you like nature, you will love it here. If you participate in this activity, there will be professional Taiwanese to let you know Green Island better, and you can also make some new Taiwanese friends.

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Diving in Green Island

green island diving
How can you miss diving when you come to Green Island?! Travel to the fun underwater world, admire corals and different kinds of fish, sometimes encounter cute turtles, and experience the wonderful world under the Pacific Ocean. There is an experienced instructor with a PADI license by your side all the time, so you do not have to worry about safety. And you can take pictures for yourself!

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You have seen many beautiful glimpses of Green Island. Can’t wait to visit? Hey, do not forget to reserve an inn on Green Island first!

Green Island Inns

If there is a holiday in Taiwan, the hotel will not only be more expensive but also may not be available! Green Island is not big, so there are not many hotels, and some people in Taiwan like to book hotel rooms earlier or travel on weekdays, so the hotels are usually sold out!

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