Final Episode: 如果你對佛教有興趣,一定要去台灣的 “佛光山” If you’re interested in Buddhism, you must visit Taiwan’s ‘Fo Guang Shan’

Podcast Friday-Adventure with Us

This is the final episode of our Podcast-跟台灣人學中文 Learn Chinese from Taiwanese. 😢

We hope you love our podcasts, and we’re truly grateful for your support over the past year!

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[00:15] 佛光山是什麼樣的地方?


佛光山 Fóguāngshān – Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center
宅 zhái – “otaku” or someone who is a homebody and prefers staying indoors rather than going out
高雄 Gāoxióng – Kaohsiung, a city in southern Taiwan
形容 xíngróng – to describe or depict
情緒 qíngxù – mood or emotions
平靜 píngjìng – calm or peaceful
繁瑣 fánsuǒ – complicated or tedious
雜事 záshì – miscellaneous matters or chores
一瞬間 yīshùnjiān – in an instant or moment
立馬 lìmǎ – immediately or at once
風雨走廊 Fēngyǔ Zǒuláng – a covered walkway at Fo Guang Shan that offers a solemn and tranquil atmosphere
莊嚴 zhuāngyán – solemn or dignified
寧靜 níngjìng – calm or serene
煩躁 fánzào – irritable or anxious
去一波 qù yī bō – to go and experience something or take a look at something
心靈 xīnlíng – spirit or soul
陶冶 táoyě – to cultivate or refine

[03:02] 星雲法師


星雲法師 Xīngyún Fǎshī – Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the founder of Fo Guang Shan
創立 chuànglì – to establish or found
出家人 chūjiārén – a Buddhist monk or nun
修行 xiūxíng – to practice Buddhism or cultivate oneself
敬重 jìngzhòng – to respect or admire
貢獻 gòngxiàn – to contribute
政界領袖 zhèngjiè lǐngxiù – political leaders
企業家 qǐyèjiā – entrepreneur
開示 kāishì – a Dharma talk or Buddhist sermon given by a monk or nun


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    謝謝老師! I will miss your podcast!

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