Where is the fun in Taiwan? Go to Alishan Mountain in Chiayi and experience the aboriginal culture!

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What are the unmissable things to do in Taiwan? Chiayi is located in the north of Tainan you can not only taste a lot of delicious and cheap dishes but see many buildings left over from the Japanese occupation. But the most special place in Chiayi is Alishan! Alishan Forest Railway is an 86km network of 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow gauge railways running up to and throughout the popular mountain resort of Alishan in Chiayi County, Taiwan. The railway, originally constructed for logging, has become a tourist attraction with its unique Z-shaped switchbacks, over 50 tunnels, and 77 wooden bridges. Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture has listed the forest railway as a potential world heritage site. The narrow-gauge lines were originally constructed by the Japanese Colonial Government to facilitate the logging of cypress and Taiwanese wood. Taking this train up to Alishan from Chiayi should be a different fun way if you have time.
Take this unique Z-shaped switchbacks train to watch the sunrise and enjoy the forest bath. We got you super cheap discounted tickets, allowing you to enter Alishan National Forest Recreation Area for a lower price than others!

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Taiwan-Ali mt.
If you want to take the high-speed railway to Chiayi, we have also found 20% off discount tickets for you.

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YuYuPas Cultural Park

There are some aborigines living on Alishan. They are the ’’Tsou’’ aborigines. You can go to see them and learn the history of Tsou. There is also a place called YuYuPas Cultural Park, you can watch their performances, sing and dance with them, and experience the culture of the Taiwan aborigines. Check the Tsou at YuYuPas cultural park.

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turket rice
Ali mt.
Besides Alishan, Chiayi also has many attractions that can be visited, such as the “Historical Relics Museums” and “Hinoki Village”, both of which are buildings left over from the Japanese occupation period to the history of Chiayi.
fish head
pinapple cake
There are also many delicacies in Chiayi. Except for Turkey rice and Smart Fish which have been served since 1953, thick duck stew is also delicious. You can try it! There are all kinds of snacks on the Wenhua Road in the downtown center of Chiayi. When you are in Chiayi, you must visit the Wenhua Road night market! There are not many buses in Chiayi, and we don’t have an MRT, so we suggest you rent a scooter or a car, it is the most convenient way

Scooter Rentals

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 Car rentals

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After renting a scooter or a car, don’t forget to have a hotel reservation before your arrival date! It’s not easy to get any available rooms, especially during the holidays in Taiwan.


Hotels are inexpensive but sometimes the cheaper ones run out very quickly because Taiwanese like to have an early reservation even on weekdays or weekends! Earlier is better, or they’re occupied soon.

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We hope you like our recommendations and you are welcome to visit our beautiful hometown, Chiayi!

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