Looking for the latest Changhua attractions and fun recommendations in 2022? Where is the fun in Changhua, Taiwan?

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The fun in Changhua is not only in Lukang Town or Bagua Mountain! For example, there is a fan-shaped railway garage in Changhua, which is currently the only dynamically preserved fan-shaped railway garage in Taiwan. It was built in the 11th year of the Republic of China. Known as the “Sector Garage”, it is a national historic site in Changhua County. There are also Wanggong Fishing Port (Wanggong Fishing Fire Wharf), the round plants of the Taiwanese version of bobo grass, and Changhua snacks. The most famous ones in Dimei are the delicious Changhua Meatballs, Changhua Meat Bun, and other traditional delicacies.

Take the bus from Taipei to Changhua

The cheapest way to travel from Taipei to Changhua is by bus. If you have time, you can take a bus from Taipei to Changhua for less than US$10, which is cheap and convenient. If you don’t want to queue up to buy tickets, we also recommend you book your bus tickets to Changhua online first.

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To play in Changhua, if you take the public transportation system of high-speed rail or train, you need to understand the means of transportation and the destination you want to reach first because Taiwan High-speed Railway Changhua Station is in a small town called Tianzhong Town in the south of Changhua. If you want to go near the Changhua City Railway Station in the north of Changhua, you will need a considerable amount of time to travel from Tianzhong Town! Be careful! For example, if you want to go to Changhua City, passengers on the high-speed rail can get off at Taichung Station- “Xinwuri “(新烏日), and then transfer to the local trains (the slowest train) of the Taiwan Railway(台鐵). This “slow” train is fast, and it only takes 10 minutes to get to Changhua City! But if you take the High-Speed Rail to Changhua Station and get off at Tianzhong Town, only to find out that you have gotten off at the wrong station, your precious trip may be delayed! From Taipei to Changhua, the fastest way is to take the high-speed rail. It only takes about 43 minutes to take the high-speed rail from Taipei to Changhua, which is fast, comfortable, and convenient. We found 20% off high-speed rail tickets, you can book 20% off high-speed rail tickets to play in Changhua!

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Car Rental

If you want to take it easy to go traveling with your dear friends and enjoy the beauty of the midwest of Taiwan, driving is the best way. Driving to Changhua with friends is not only comfortable but also fast and convenient.

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Lukang Old Town Day Tour

Discover Lukang’s old town and stroll through its old streets to see traditional architecture with arched doorways and red brick walls. There is an old and famous temple in Lugang. Longshan Temple is a first-class historical site. You can not only visit Longshan Temple but also experience the folk cultural relics museum of humanistic significance, and slowly make your way to the Osmanthus Lane Art Village to feel the bursts of sweet-scented osmanthus. Walk in the town of Lukang and taste the famous Lukang meat buns. In Taiwan, many people believe in Buddhism. If you want to know more about Buddhism and Chinese culture, you must visit Longshan Temple. If you want a tour guide who can explain the history of Longshan Temple and the little stories of Buddhism, we can help you find a tour guide who can speak Chinese, English, and Japanese!

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You can see a lot of beautiful scenery in Changhua, and there are fun things you can do. Can’t wait to come to Changhua? Don’t forget to book a hotel in Changhua first!

Changhua inns

If your vacation meets Taiwanese holidays in Taiwan, the hotel will not only be more expensive but may also be unavailable! Changhua City is a popular tourist area, so hotels are very busy. Changhua center is not big, and there are not many hotels, either. Some people in Taiwan like to reserve hotels in advance, or go traveling on weekdays, so hotels are usually full! To save your precious time, we highly recommend that you should book hotel rooms in advance.

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